Freeelio was founded
to investigate the new, decentralized finance
and business models for decentralized energy by using energy data and smart systems.
From Day 1 we've been working in a globally distributed network of researchers, artists, designers, startups. We conduct knowledge exchange workshops with innovative service providers and intrapreneurs. Freeelio is an Open Innovation Collective.

We test and integrate open source frameworks for experiential ecosystem design, data-driven modelling and optimization, privacy preserving analysis, incentive mechanism design and governance models.
Our mission is in the name
Free electricity I/O
Understand and make
use of socio-institutional
and techno-economic paradigm shift in order
to make electricity "as clean and free as air".
Unified architecture for embedding financial layer into cyber-physical systems of clean energy
Technology focus areas:
Accelerate clean energy access everywhere including the 940 million people without electricity. Collaborate with social entrepreneurs, impact investors and international aid agencies.
Business partner focus areas:
Incentivize solar microgrids, energy efficiency, and electrified transportation through new financial and business models. Collaborate with startups, scaleups and innovative energy service providers.
Monetize energy data, preserving privacy and sharing the value created. Collaborate with Open Source Framework & Protocol creators.
Sovereign Individual, consumer sovereignty in the digital era
Technology focus areas:
New work: Open source creation and collaboration, Fractal Ownership, SourceCred
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