The Sun Protocol

Scale-up clean energy pilot & demonstration projects. Securing finance for the Solartainer® infrastructures and incentivising optimal energy usage during operation remains a challenge. Tokenization, the digital representation of value, could be an effective tool to overcome it.

Decentralized energy. Self-determined prosperity. A Solartainer® provides clean electricity, internet access and purification of water. The Sun Protocol embeds the required transactional layer, to scale decentralized clean energy solutions and to accelerate their adoption.

Programming a Sustainable World. In cooperation with Africa GreenTec & Cryptoeconomics Institute at WU Vienna, Freeelio co-designs open standardised frameworks, based on emerging cryptoeconomic theories, to support local, sustainable and self-determined development.

Interdisciplinary research for clean energy ecosystems. We're always looking for innovative supporters: Fellow researchers, corporate innovation hubs and CSR divisions.


  • Conduct applied research in the field
  • Engage in continuous online collaboration in multi-disciplinary groups
  • Learn how to digitally represent value and transfer it over Internet
  • Apply data-driven insights from Sub-Saharan Africa in utility infrastructures

Meet us at [UN]Blocked - Programming a Sustainable World Summit, Vienna April 1st, 2019