Energy Data Challenge

The scarcity of energy data. Energy systems are human-engineered dynamic systems, and hence represent an ideal environment for machine learning. However, the necessary curated energy data is not available. The significant potential to improve the performance of these systems remains untapped.

Match curated energy data with ambitious data scientists. In co-operation with energy monitoring device vendors, Freeelio organizes energy data challenges. We define the data collection scope and hypotheses.

Translate energy data into new business opportunities and advanced consumer experience. Energy service providers and energy monitoring device vendors need to build the right data pipelines and networks first. We help define architectural aspects and incentive systems. Inquire about hosting a data challenge in the forms below.

Get access to high quality, high resolution, labelled energy data. As part of the incentive system design, we aim to reward the development of usable models, and the users whose labelled data helped us get there. In case the models qualify to be used within our ensembles, they will become part of AdptEVE's adaptive logic. Join our AI Community to learn more.


  • Learn to build data ecosystems, data pipelines, and networks
  • Get curated data challenges to train your multidimensional models
  • Discover data-driven AI-aided product features and new business models
  • Earn your share by being part of an inclusive energy data network

Meet us at the AI for Good Global Summit, Geneva 28-31 May 2019