Resistance to change. The ongoing digital transformation of the energy sector creates unforeseen opportunities. At the same time, organizations face considerable increase in uncertainty.

"In times of turbulence, the biggest danger is not the turbulence itself, but to act with yesterday's logic" - Peter Drucker

Searching for digital energy opportunities? We help you understand current techno-economic and socio-institutional trends. You will then be guided to identify the chances of digital energy systems for your business & organisation.

Engage with the world outside. We help you connect with countless inspiring projects working in the area of electrification & digitalization. You will have the opportunity to immediately translate your learning into social and environmental impact.

What to expect. Our standard workshops last a single day. For those who want to elaborate on their previous learnings, workshops can also be established on a regular basis.


  • Get access to frontier technologies & markets
  • Access our global knowledge communities
  • Develop a fearless mindset
  • Build collective intelligence within your team