Electraseed Fund

The financial gap for climate action. Access to funds for small-scale clean energy projects is often hampered. Traditional investors still anticipate high risks and unattractive ROIs in the absence of regulatory support schemes. Impact investors who are willing to accept the trade-off, to achieve larger environmental & social return, have difficulties finding energy projects with eligible profiles.

Difficulties finding energy assets to invest in? Our energy data-driven funding platform pools solar energy and energy efficiency projects worldwide. The platform connects energy data & payment data streams to create a tokenized representation of the value of all projects in the network. Token tranches can then be optimized based on desired economic, social & environmental returns in order to improve the capital conditions for clean energy access projects.

Digital accounting & own issue of digital assets. Smart contracts describe these energy assets and their transactions. The result is added transparency and automated settlement of energy & financial flows.

Online monitoring, rating, and reporting. Once energy assets' values are digitally represented, any required information for regulators, investors, and asset owner/operators can be digitally derived and presented.


Impact Contributor

  • Increased funding transparency & reduced risk
  • Fine-granular portfolio composition
  • Digital ESG certification

Asset Owner / Operator

  • Access to equitable funding
  • Automated accounting & processes (Billing, Settlement, Certification, etc.)
  • Improved asset performance

Pilot Pool

Our first pool consists out of four solar heroes, connecting the Global North with the Global South: Solar park installation and tenant solar in Europe, Solar Minigrids in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Solar Microgrids in South Asia.



Solar Microgrid


Greenfield Solar


Tenant Solar