Digital Energy Asset

Information asymmetry. Today, the performance of energy assets is not analyzed in a data-driven manner but solely modeled. Temporal and spatial over-capacities, which lead to network congestion and finally ever-growing redispatch costs are the result of a data-poor energy system. This technical & financial misalignment represents the key barrier for the de-carbonisation of our energy systems.

Digitize the global energy system - one asset at a time.

Ready to tap into the digital dimension of your assets? Digital Energy Assets (DEA) are digital representations of physical energy assets. An asset can be a single component or a whole system, providing access to energy: a single photovoltaic module, a battery, or an entire microgrid. We create a standard, which facilitates transactions between these assets, their owners/operators, investors, and users.

Create open digital energy markets. The DEA standard implementation will allow asset owners and operators to form novel markets on their own as well as to seamlessly dock their business onto other markets such as Electraseed Fund as they see fit. Our goal is to accelerate clean energy access and to help integrate the potential of energy efficiency assets. The DEA standard will be available as open source. To facilitate the adoption, we offer additional support, should you need assistance onboarding your assets.

Promoting RegTech Innovation. Our goal is to achieve regulatory clarity for a Digital Energy Asset Visa (DEAV) by September 2019. DEAV can provide the digital basis potentially for cross-border digital asset services in the European Economic Area (EEA). We will discuss the implementation of the DEAV in France, due to the beneficial regulatory environment for Blockchain Innovation.

We share the learnings of our regulatory hacking journey in France & Germany. While we are progressing with our work in the regulatory space, follow us and subscribe to our newsletter or engage with the crew directly. To learn more about our informational subscription service: Fill in the form below.


  • Insights from regulatory analysis of the evolving token space, build on our experience since 2017
  • Data-driven capabilities for new business models beyond selling kWh.
  • Fine-grained digital accounting of complex and dynamic stakeholder relationships.