Everyone will have access to < free > electricity


  • Empower individuals & communities by monetizing energy data that they own
  • Offer open source tools to digitize energy assets
  • Make the social & environmental impact of clean energy visible & viral
  • Rewire global financial streams to scale-up clean energy & energy efficient systems
  • Build global communities to leverage collaborative climate action


  • Acknowledge everyone
  • Express solidarity
  • Be committed
  • Keep learning

We are

  • A multi-dimensional & multi-disciplinary research collective
  • Autonomous peers, forming a novel type of organization
  • Connected through purpose and the internet

How we are organized

The Smart Contracts based products we are building are highly standardized. We imitate the form of organisation used for film productions.

"Hollywood is able to bring together large teams for complex movie projects and dissolve them afterwards. [...] Teams of Blockchain WOMen [emphasis added by a female director] will come together to work on complex projects in the same way as in Hollywood, but coordination will be improved via tokenization."

Taylor Pearson's The Blockchain Man

The Crew

directs the creative aspects and visualizes smart contracts while guiding the technical crew in the realization of that vision.

is the lawyer, who advises how to handle regulations, royalties, and residuals in the real world.

is the writer, who distills the logic into safely scripted smart contracts.

special effects, creates user experiences that are simple yet stunning.

Executive Producers help finance & distribute the blockbusters we are creating.

With their special backgrounds and existing networks they also oversee the respective dimensions of production.

Torsten Schmidt

Digital Energy Asset Passport

Kalle Remmers

Digital Energy Asset

Nick Gogerty

Electraseed Fund US

Alain Schilli

Electraseed Fund EMEA

Promoters build relationships into wider networks of early adopter distribution and usage. They first help building capacity through outreach, speaking engagements, and publications.

Francois Sonnet

Shane Mulligan

Sebastian Gallehr

Leif Christian Cropp

Winner 2016 Electraseed

Energy Solidarity Token

The Sun Protocol 2018


The Rise of Commodity Tokens in 2019

We follow the Principles for Digital Development

  • Use Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source, and Open Innovation
  • Understand the Existing Ecosystem
  • Design With the User
  • Be Collaborative
  • Be Data Driven
  • Build Sustainability
  • Reuse and Improve
  • Design for Scale
  • Adress Privacy & Security

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